Training on holiday – Pitfalls and Tips

There are many things to consider when trying to train whilst on holiday, because most of the time you’re not going to know what sort of facilities you’re going to be in for (unless you’re going away to a training camp like Club La Santa).

  1. Don’t expect anything out of your hotel gym.

If you don’t expect your hotel gym to have any working kit, then any working/functional kit they do have will be a bonus. It also allows you to plan your workout more effectively because if you plan it with this in mind, you’ll always be able to complete it.

  1. Weather-proof your workout.

Sometimes it’s wet and windy – even in the nicest, most expensive places in the world you can still have off days. A good idea is to have a bad-weather backup workout that you can turn to if it’s just too rubbish outside for you venture into the elements.

  1. Be prepared to train alone.

This may not be a problem for all, but I guarantee it will be for some, particularly if both you and your partner want to train together. Remember that if you decide that it would be nice to go out for a run together, that it’s unlikely that both of you are going to get the desired level of workout by going at the same pace, so one of you is going to have to sacrifice a bit of your workout for the other. The things we do for love eh!

If you are the slower person in the tandem, then also respect that if the faster person isn’t getting a workout and really wants one, let them speed off. It’ll cause fewer arguments that way as you would have both got our workouts. You can talk to each other later in the holiday.

  1. Do you really need to train whilst on holiday?

For most people, holidays are a time for a bit of R+R and you probably don’t need to train, unless you are training for something athletically specific that has a defined time scale.

One week off WILL NOT DECREASE YOUR FITNESS LEVELS!! This is academic fact, you are allowed to have a break sometimes (and I know that you fitness junkies won’t believe me but trust me, from a fellow fitness junkie its true!). You may even find that a week off actually makes you fitter, as recovery + good nutrition (and the initial fatigue) are the things required for your body to repair itself and make itself stronger.

One thought on “Training on holiday – Pitfalls and Tips

  1. So I was talking to my PT about point 3 this morning and his suggestion about running together was that the faster person does intervals whilst the slower person does a normal jog. Fast person picks a point in the distance to sprint to, sprints and then jogs back to the slower person… and repeat. So you can go running together but both people get a work out.

    Or… go running on your own 🙂


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