5 reasons why it’s OK to look silly in the gym

So, you’ve just spoken to one of the fitness trainers in the gym, and they’ve put together a personal training programme for you to follow on your own, but you feel like you’re going to look totally ridiculous doing some of those new moves.  If you’re feeling anxious about going backwards on the cross trainer, doing walking lunges or carrying a weight bag above your head around the room, or lifting  a weight smaller than a kitten when you’re a 100kg guy, then have a look at these 5 reasons why it’s ok to do things a little differently!



  1. You went to the gym to get fitter/ stronger/ leaner/ recover from an injury. So did everyone else.


If you want to achieve results you’re going to have to put some effort in, and that’s precisely what everyone else is doing. Putting some effort in to their own workout. They’re not thinking about what you’re doing, and if they are they are probably thinking ‘Ooooh, that move looks cool, I wonder how much of a difference that would make to my workout’. Don’t mistake their pained expression for judgement – they’re probably just out of breath.



  1. You’re not everybody else.


There is no one size fits all workout.  How many people do you know who go to the gym to look like an Adonis? How many of those people actually look like that?! There’s your answer…..there are tons of people crammed into gyms with athletics in mind and only a handful of them are actually achieving their goals. I wonder why that is? Is it because they are doing the same as everybody else? Hmmmm. Don’t be the sheep, be brave and focus on your own goals.



  1. It’s not a beauty contest (unless that is in fact your motivation for going to the gym)


For every person there looking perfectly manicured/ groomed there will be about 17 pouring with sweat, gurning and grunting. And for gym regulars, the idea of what ‘looks good’ often isn’t the person with perfect make-up, it’s the person really going for it, dripping t-shirt, red face and messy hair, but loving their workout to the max. Of course that’s not to say that personal hygiene doesn’t count… it’s OK to leave the gym smelly but it’s not ideal to turn up that way too!



  1. Confidence is attractive.



Yeah it is! Doing a new exercise which you think may look silly won’t look silly if you do it with confidence! Walking lunges may feel to you like something from Monty Python, but half the people in the room have probably done it themselves – they just happen not to be doing it right now. Don’t overdo it though, nobody likes the guy at the gym flexing in the mirror because he thinks he’s all that. (If you’ve never seen that guy, you probably are that guy).



  1. Because you’re there to be awesome.


Enough said..













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