2017 Review: No man is an island.

At the end of 2016 I said to myself that I would start writing a journal; a book that outlines what my day was like, what I achieved, and what my aims were for the next few days. As an idea, it seemed great – it allowed for goal setting and reflection on a regular basis.


2017 was in no means a bad year. Highlights included gaining the highest possible grade in my Master’s degree, presenting at Les Mills Live, and Lisa Osbourne (one of my heroes) calling me a ‘big, cuddly bear’ in front of 100 or so people. Reading my journal from 2017, however, tells a different story.

It turned out that most days I did not complete my full to-do list, which is perfectly normal, however as a result of that, all of my entries were along the lines of ‘I must do better tomorrow’, or ‘I must be better’. It made for very sad reading.

The problem wasn’t that I was not being as productive as I would have liked, but my reaction to it. Instead of celebrating my success, I was focusing on what I was doing badly.

I suppose many of us are like that at some point or another.

2018 Resolution 1: celebrate success every day – no matter how small.


Another highlight for me in 2017 was the hiring of a coach. I was doing a lot of self-reflection without any third-party input, which automatically made my reflection biased, usually depending on my mood. Hiring a coach allowed a third party, who is completely neutral and not personally connected to me in any way, to have an input, and tell me when I was making stupid assumptions and decisions! They also helped me set out long, medium, and short-term goals, and was there to celebrate success when I hit them. If you can afford one – get one. They will literally change your life.


2018 Resolution 2: Keep with my coach!


I suppose the point of this short post is to highlight that focussing on the negative aspects of your life will only bring you further down (and will make for poor reading if you write it down!), and that everybody feels these emotions. If this is you, it’s OK and completely normal, despite what you may see on the impossibly fake, positive, and happy exteriors we all present to the world through social media. The second is that everybody, no matter how successful they may seem, could do with some help. EVERYBODY. Actually, now I think about it, the most successful people I know all have coaches of some sort.

The poet John Dunne said, ‘No man is an island’. Although this poem was ultimately about a person being a part of the whole; being directly involved in the intricacies of society and nature, I feel that the expression can hold another meaning in this blog post.

No one can be the best they can be without help.

No man (or woman!) is an island.



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